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Town of Bailey Council of Government

Mayor - Mr. Thomas Richards (email) - Term Expires 2023

Mayor Pro Tem & Public Works Commissioner - Mr. Allen Daniels (email) - Term Expires 2023

Cemetery & Landscaping Commissioner - Mr. Richard Wilson (email) - Term Expires 2025

Sewer & Water Commissioner - Mr. Dillon Bissette (email) - Term Expires 2025

Streets, Trees & Zoning Commissioner - Mr. Ervin Powell (email) - Term Expires 2023

Police Commissioner - Mr. Walter Wells (email) - Term Expires 2023

Town of Bailey Administration of Government

Town Administrator - Mr. Joel Killion (email)

Customer Service Representatives - Ms. Melissa Hayman & Mrs. Wilma Sizemore - (email)

Zoning Administrator/Code Enforcement Officer - Mr. Shawn Lucas (email)

Mr. Joel Killion

Town Administrator

Mr. Shawn Lucas

Zoning Administrator/Code Enforcement Officer

Town of Bailey Public Safety Officers

Chief of Police - Cathy Callahan (email)

Patrol Officer - Mr. Jesse Urban

Patrol Officer - Mr. DeShawn Taylor

Patrol/K9 Officer - Mr. Evan Sokolove