Town of Bailey

"Home of the Country Doctor Museum"

Town of Bailey Council of Government

Mayor - Thomas Richards (email) - Term Expires 2023

Mayor Pro Tem & Water/Sewer Commissioner - Dwan H. Finch (email) - Term Expires 2021

Cemetery Commissioner - Shelley L. Bullard (email) - Term Expires 2021

Streets/Trees Commissioner - Ervin Powell (email) - Term Expires 2023

Police Commissioner - Joel Killion (email) - Term Expires 2023

Maintenance Commissioner - Allen Daniels (email) - Term Expires 2023

Town of Bailey Administration of Government

Town Clerk - Kellie Glover (email)

Chief Financial Officer - Debbie Baker (email)

Zoning Administrator/Code Enforcement Officer - Shawn Lucas (email)

Town of Bailey Public Safety Officers

Chief of Police - Steven Boraski (email)

Corporal - Cathy Callahan (email)

Patrol Officer - Gerald Coggin

Patrol Officer - Graceanne Kane

Patrol Officer - Tim Garland